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5 Designer Tips
for Styling Your Shelves


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If you're like us, you have tons of books laying around the house. Some are piled high in corners, others are filed randomly in our bookshelves. While this can be overwhelming, it is also a great opportunity to give you shelves some style. Here are FIVE STYLING TIPS on how to put those books to good use. So, brush off the dust, pull off their covers, and get ready to style your bookshelves to look fab!!!


1. GROUP THEM BY COLOR Ombré, rainbow, color blocking or monochrome all add interest when styling your books on your bookshelves. You can place different color groupings on different shelves too.

2. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER Discover gorgeous colors, textures and patterns that are often hiding under the jackets. Looking under the book jacket will give you more styling opportunities for the books going on your shelves.

3. VERTICAL IS NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN Lay stacks on their side and up against vertical groups to create interesting shapes. If you have a lot of books, alternating stacks with vertical books is a great way to ensure you have room for all your books on your bookshelves. Mixing up the way you place books on your shelves can also help keep things interesting.

4. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE Turn them around to flaunt their beautifully weathered pages or to display elegant metallic or brightly hued pages. Different types of pages can help add depth and interest to your bookshelves.

5. EMPTY SPACE IS VALUABLE You don’t have to fill shelves to the brim, in fact, empty space only highlights and adds balance, but if you do fill up, make sure you cover every inch. Books on bookshelves can take up a lot of space so if you choose to do the latter, we recommend starting to fill up space with books.




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