Learn About Us - Home and Decor Collection Sets

What We Do
NestSet takes the guesswork out of decorating by offering a collection of designer curated & bundled home decor sets, in a variety of styles for specific spaces in your home. On one site and with one-click, we help you transform your unfinished spaces into extraordinary and stylish ones...stress free.    
Why We Do It
After hearing time and time again from friends and family that their homes felt unfinished, despite their investment in furniture, it was clear that accessories were what was missing to make their spaces complete. But, decorating requires expertise, research, and hours of shopping. It can also be stressful, time consuming, and expensive leaving many people feeling defeated by the results. This is because most retailers claim to offer “the complete look”, but fall short with a never-ending laundry list of thousands of random products, Others send you on a wild goose-chase to multiple retail sites. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created NestSet. One site and one click, gets you everything in our pre-styled sets.
How We Do It
We deliver EVERY piece you see in our curated sets taking the guesswork out of grouping and styling decor. We've done the work, so you get the look. Our designers source collections of gorgeous decor accessories from quality purveyors around the world. They then edit and curate the pieces by aesthetic, and group and style them into complete sets. We offer the sets as bundles, or as individual pieces for those who do not need every single piece. Finally, we make shopping super easy by streamlining the experience online, or offering expert guidance from our stylists in-home.
How It Works
STEP 1: Choose if you want to shop our pre-styled sets, or individual pieces to build your own sets.  Either way, every item and set has been curated by style and by space, so it will look great in your nest.
STEP 2: Use our custom filter to see only what works for your home, and for your budget. Choose the style and the space you want to decorate. You can also filter by color and price. Remember, everything is customizable, so if you find a set you love, but already have an heirloom vase, or want a different candle....no problem. 
STEP 3: Submit your order. One charge, one retailer....all in one place!
STEP 1: Book your in-home appointment with our stylist.
STEP 2: Our stylist comes to your home for a complimentary 90 minute styling session to help you re-style your existing decor and choose the perfect set(s) (or creates a custom design*) to incorporate with the pieces you already own.
STEP 3: Our stylist brings your new NestSets and Installs them in your home to complete the look.
* Custom designs incur hourly stylist fees which will be agreed on via email before the stylist begin any design work.  
Who We Are

NestSet CEO Karen Sevillia and Blair Buckley Salon

Heading Up Our Team: 

An award winning product designer by trade, Blair served as the Creative Director and Senior Designer of a successful home décor and beauty brand for over 12 years. During this time she helped design, develop and bring to the marketplace, home accessories and beauty products for large scale national and international luxury retailers. Her products and designs have been featured in such publications as Vogue, Oprah, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple and Good Housekeeping. They have also been seen on television networks such as NBC, Bravo and CNN. Overseeing the creative vision of the company, Blair has a passion for design, bringing a unique and dynamic marketing strategy to NestSet. Her energy and creative drive carries over to her home life, where she enjoys traveling, watching her boys play sports and spending time with her husband.
Karen parlayed her life-long passion for the arts, design and architecture into a successful home remodeling business, in parallel to an accomplished 15 year career in international development. Integrating her expertise in management and her passion for design, Karen oversees NestSet's business strategy and development, and co-leads the creative vision of the company. Her international background, extensive travel and broad language skills inform and elevate NestSet's product development and aesthetic.  When she is not busy crunching numbers or building partnerships, you'll find Karen traveling to new and exotic destinations with her husband and two daughters.