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What looks good in an entryway
and how do you style it to impress?
See our suggestions and advice as told to Homes & Gardens Magazine



First impressions are everything. Your entryway can give those who visit your home a first-hand view of how you live, so this is a great opportunity to set the tone and showcase your style. While furniture is a great base, it is just that. Accessories and are a must for getting a designer look and making your space feel finished and personal. They add color, texture, and warmth, while giving you the opportunity to easily swap out each season, or when your style or mood changes. do you style it? Make sure the accessories you select are different heights. This gives the space movement and interest. Vases are a great way to achieve this look. We suggest one large vase, or two to three smaller vases of varying heights grouped together. Adding large branches or fresh flowers provides even more height, and the welcoming element of nature. 

Books are a must and put your personality on display. They show what you like, and where you've been or want to go. We always suggest selecting and stacking a few that are most meaningful to you. This can include places you have travelled to and things you enjoy (art, photography, sports, food etc.). Once you settle on a subject or two, try to select books that color coordinate with your art, rug or other accents that are already in your home.


Sculptures and Candles...Sculptures can be anything from a large bust to a small sphere or candle accent and are a great way to add character and texture. Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes and help if you are trying to set the style or tone for your home. (Metal and wood sculptures in geometric shapes tend to trend more organic minimalist or contemporary, while ceramic busts lend themselves to a more traditional or even grand-millennial style.) If you have already selected a large vase or a few vases to display, we suggest going with a small sculpture or candle to place on top of your stacked books. If you have decided to forgo the vase route, a larger sculpture can make a great focal point and add character and sophistication with books stacked neatly under or beside it. 


Benches and Pillows...If you have the space, adding a bench is a great way to add function and style.  A double bench can be placed against a wall, or a pair of benches can sit side-by-side under a console table. If you do end up placing a bench on a wall, accent pillows are a welcome addition and make that space feel finished and thoughtful.


To fill an empty wall, we always suggest a mirror or art either over the console table or over a bench. Art will add color and give you a base to select your accessories, while a mirror will add light and function. It can also make your entryway feel larger.  


Finally....wallpaper. We love this all over your foyer, or just on the ceiling as a surprising accent. A textured silk or grasscloth is a great place to start if you don't want to commit to a pattern.


Remember to mix textures, heights, and varying shades of color. This creates a feeling of balance and makes sure your entryway doesn't feel sterile. Also, you don't need to fill every corner. Less can be more when you choose the right pieces. As the first thing your guests see when they enter your home, your entryway provides a look into your home life and home's style. It is easy to create a space that will impress if you accessorize properly and keep it personal and uncluttered. 

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