Elite Decor Capsule Collection

The easiest way to nail the "Old Money Decor" Aesthetic, regardless of what furniture and vibe your home currently has.  Our sets give the coveted collected, personalized and layered feels, with a decidedly current vibe, that embody the trendy aesthetic. The collection is defined by warm tones and rich textures, fine finishes with an unmistakable antique vintage feel. The best part? With the sets in this capsule collection,  we've made getting that quiet luxury sensibility, super easy.  Everything is already done for you! Just pick, click and receive a fabulously coordinated and styled designer curated decor set in about 5 days. Get the full set or pick and chose the pieces that work for you.  There is zero stress about how it will vibe with your current decor, the sets in this trendy capsule collection have been curated so that the accessories work seamlessly in any style your home decor is.


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