FRENCH STYLE DESIGNER BOOK - Home and Decor Collection Sets



Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ... Jeanne d’Arc ... Le Canard Enchaîné ... manifs ... J’accuse! ... Académie Française ... Cousteau ... Pétanque ... Oh là là ... Yé-Yé ... Mai 1968 ...

From Abbé Pierre to Zidane, French history abounds with artists and intellectuals, music and screen legends, literature, inventions, and, above all, chic. French Style exports the country’s best—innovations from universal human rights to the bikini, archetypal ctional characters from The Little Prince to Amélie, scienti c and literary luminaries from the Enlightenment to Existentialism, gastronomic delights and nouvelle vague cinema.

With rich and dynamic photographs juxtaposing concepts from haute couture and scienti c advancements to pop stars and popular culture, French Style is as sophisticated and chic as the nation it celebrates. This lavishly illustrated, fun and informal yet surprisingly informative compendium brings to life the savoir faire and joie de vivre that is French Style.

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