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Our Palais bookshelf sculpture sets bring the beauty and unrivaled splendor of France to your home. Our neutral and soft accessory color palette is inspired by the countryside, while modern books and bold candles incorporate the fashion and flair of the city. These bookshelf sculptures are available as a Full 24pc Bookshelf Set or as Individual Sets.
Full Bookshelf Set Includes:
CHEVAL 3 PC SET: Glazed Ceramic Horse Statue, Distressed Metal Feather Pendant & Grey Smoked Birchwood Candle
MADELINE 5 PC SET: Ivory Hand Inlaid Sphere, Antique Textile Patterned Book, Two Hand Dyed Burlap Books in Pale Blue & Stone Bust Sculpture
PIERRE 5 PC SET: Two Stone Finial Bookends, Set of Three Chaumet Designer Books, One Lanvin Book, One Cezanne Book
PLUME 3 PC SET: Blue Sky Hand Inlaid Sphere, Antique White Weathered Quill Pendant, Vendome Designer Book
BONAPARTE 5 PC SET: Set of Three Chaumet Designer Books, Pale Blue Tufted Keepsake Box, Stone Figurine Sculpture
SORBONNE 2 PC SET: Blue Faux Hydrangea in Glass Vase 12" & French Style Designer Book
SCULPTURE OF MAN: Sculpture & Metal Display Stand
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