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Guest Curators

MEET ELSHANE. Elshane is a celebrity fashion stylist and fashion blogger who has worked for years in Los Angeles, CA, but is now back in her native NYC. A leading “pop star stylist” in Hollywood, her typical day is spent on set of a music video, album cover shoot, or behind the scenes of a red carpet look. She is also responsible for large-scale corporate rebranding, as key wardrobe stylist on set of global technology commercials and advertising campaigns.


Street Cred: A costume she designed for a pop star’s world tour is on display at the Hard Rock Hall of Fame!

Elshane got her start in fashion by working for Diane von Furstenberg in New York, in a five-year role as Global Public Relations and In-House Stylist for the brand. DVF even named a dress after her, the “El Shane” which went down the runway for two seasons straight!

She moved to Los Angeles from New York City in 2011 to join the E! Entertainment network as key wardrobe stylist for E! News and Fashion Police. As a celebrity fashion stylist, she has been featured on-air on MTV, Fashion Police, Fashion TV, NBC, and in print in Vanity Fair, WWD, New York Times, US Weekly, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, Glamour, People, and more.

Elshane’s blog is her greatest passion because it diaries both her world in fashion and the lifestyle that she has created around it. She recently moved with her daughter and husband back to New York, and is taking the City by storm. Follow her every move on her ElShanesWorld Blog and on: @ELSHANESWORLD ON INSTAGRAM



How would you describe the importance of décor accents and accessories in decorating a space? Home decor is strikingly similar to my line of work as a fashion stylist-- it's intimate, personal, and allows one to offer a glimpse of their personality through the lens of their sacred space. As a fashion stylist, I urge my clients not to just follow the trends of today's magazine covers, but instead, fill their wardrobes with pieces that make them feel a connection to fashion. I try to do the same with my home decor-- I fill my sacred space with items that feel uniquely me. Otherwise, my space would look like it was designed by a HGTV reality tv host, lacking true authenticity.

How does fashion influence your home décor choices? I style my home similarly to how I style myself-- an explosion of color and prints head to toe with accents of unique finds from my travels abroad that remind me of adventure and discovery.

Tell us what is your favorite décor piece in your home, & why? I am a hoarder of coffee table books-- mainly art, fashion, and travel. I remember walking into Diane von Furstenberg's home on my first day working for her many years ago. Books were stacked everywhere from the floor to the ceiling, on her large wood desk, on wooden coffee tables and acrylic countertops and doorways and bathrooms. I now own over 100 coffee table books and flip through them regularly for fashion styling inspiration.

Can you share the design process you followed in putting together your set? Right now, our family is living in a furnished, rented apartment in NYC for a few months while conducting some business locally, and I really needed this space to feel like home ("Home" being our year 1926 restored Spanish home in Los Angeles). I chose pieces on that reminded me of our LA home, like the Hollywood coffee table book and the green tray that evoked the feeling of those iconic Los Angeles palm trees.

Favorite/least favorite trend of the moment? My favorite trend of the moment is a monochromatic look. I used this concept to design my living room. Navy blue everything. I recently saw a navy living room designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard where he even painted the walls navy. Now I'm currently swatching out navy wall colors to completely over-navy my space!

Travel is one of the most important sources of inspiration for us. Share with us a particularly inspiring trip & how it’s influenced your style? I went to Istanbul a few years ago and was rocked by her beauty. It was there that I learned about layering rugs, mixing textiles, darkening the room, and filling a space with multiple lamps.



Set Includes:
- Ibiza Designer Coffee Table Book
- Young Hollywood Designer Coffee Table Book
- Saphire Allure Hand Blown Glass Candle
- Leather & Antique Brass Magnifying Glass
- Emerald Green Inlaid Tray




MEET ROY....Roy Ardizzone is the owner and principal designer of Merchant House Design, an interior design studio with offices in Los Angeles and New York. He is know for seamlessly integrating traditional and contemporary aesthetics to create comfortable and useful spaces. The layering of vintage pieces has become a staple in each of Roy's design projects, adding personality to each space along with clean lines and neutral colors. 

Roy's work has been featured in Architectural Digest, New York Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler. He is also the original developer, designer and proprietor of Merchant House, an in and celebrity destination in upstate New York. Merchant House was recognized as one of Martha Stewart's Favorite Things and has welcomed celebrity guests such as Katy Perry, Usher and Zach Braff.


How would you describe the importance of decor accents and accessories in decorating a space?
 It's an opportunity to personalize and have fun. The other great thing about accessories are that they can easily be switched out. Adding new throw pillows or a few decorative pieces each season, gives your space a fresh new look and allows you to bring your personality into a space.
What design rules/concepts should homeowners keep in mind when curating and styling accessories in their home?  If you ever find yourself asking "is this too much?" it usually means it is. Choosing key pieces of quality is much more important than gathering a lot of little things. No one likes to sit on a sofa and move 14 pillows, or push aside 17 books to put down a glass on a coffee table. 
Can you share the design process you followed in putting together the "MHD Emerson Set"? The Emerson set to me is all about versatility and sophistication. I started with neutral tones and tied in a gorgeous brushed bronze, a decorative soft textured pillow and added a slight masculine element with the brass alligator. Finally a delicious candle to round out the senses and add warmth. It's the perfect set for a bedside table or reading nook.
Favorite/least favorite home decor trend of the moment? Two words. Ship Lap. And Mid-Century Modern everything! A few key classic pieces are always good, but the days of filling the entire house with reproduction mid century modern is out. I just returned from the AD Design show in NYC and my favorite hot trends are all about prints and brass. Lots of tropical inspiration was on hand as well, still keeping with the fashion of the brass accent. The clear winners of the show however, were the decorative print pillows. 
Travel is one of the most important sources of inspiration for us at NestSet. Share with us a particular inspiring trip and the decor treasures you found there! My absolute favorite place to go is Paris. At the Porte De Vanves flea market.  It is one of the largest in France and has hundreds of vendors with pieces from the turn of the century through today. My favorite find was a pair of large brass candle sticks and a vintage Persian rug from the 30's. Whenever I go, I always seem to find something incredible and inspiring.