BASIC DECOR CONCEPTS - Home and Decor Collection Sets





1. THE RULE OF 3: When putting together a vignette or grouping accessories, keep in mind that naturally, the human eye perceives odd numbered as more pleasing that night even numbers - this is known as the RULE of 3.  Groupings can also of course, be of 5, 7 or more - but 3 is a great place to start!  Also, keep in mind that this doesn't mean that you should only use that number of items, it's more about the footprints. For example, in our Colette Set example, the candlesticks are one footprint or group, the floral is the second footprint and the spheres on the book are the third grouping.  As you can see, even though this set has 6 pieces, by grouping them in 3 footprints each element has a place and they look organized and purposeful.  


 2. CREATE VISUAL TRIANGLES:  Related to the RULE of 3, creating visual triangles in decor compositions, is an excellent rule out keep in mind to ensure that the groupings remain interesting and have movement.  Place the items in a way that mimic a triangle in terms of height and depth. 


3. MIX FINISHES & MATERIALS (& REPEAT): A super effective way to add visual interest to a design is by mixing finishes and materials.  Mixing materials instantly infuses the space with rich variation in texture and in light, and dimension.  In our Colette Set example,  we mix glass, steel, paper and fabric, as well as silver and brass finishes, to achieve a soft and feminine look, that has depth and movement.  The key to retaining cohesiveness while mixing materials is REPETITION. In this case we repeat glass (in the candle sticks and the vase) and we repeat the circular shape in the spheres and in the candlesticks. 


 4. INCORPORATE NATURAL ELEMENTS: This is a simple rule,  but oh SO important! Bringing a piece of nature in has a  balancing, calming, and connecting effect.  Natural elements are a great way to easily and inexpensively update the look to reflect the seasons and moods.  You don't have to limit yourself to florals, branches, greenery, leaves, rocks or even shells will fit the bill. 




In addition to the 5 basic concepts above, here are FIVE STYLING TIPS for books. They are an incredible resource to fill bookshelves and create an interesting design. So brush off the dust, pull of their covers, and get ready for your shelves to look fab!!!


1. GROUP THEM BY COLOR ombré, rainbow, color blocking or monochrome all add interest 


2. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER discover gorgeous colors, textures and patterns that are often hiding under the jackets 


3. VERTICAL IS NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN lay stacks on their side and up against vertical groups to create interesting shapes 


4CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE turn them around to flaunt their beautifully weathered pages or to display elegant metallic or brightly hued pages 


5EMPTY SPACE IS VALUABLE You don’t have to fill shelves to the brim, in fact, empty space only highlights and adds balance, but if you do fill up, make sure you cover every inch.




Watch this video for tips on styling coffee tables